How to Play

ImaginWOW: The Imagination App

ImaginWOW is a mobile app that inspires people to draw pictures in the real-world by offering 1000’s of silly sentence combinations. The app is a little different from most mobile apps because it encourages people to put down their phones and draw with friends and family.

It’s easy to get started:

  1. Get paper and something to draw with
  2. Press GO! button
  3. Draw one of 1000’s of random sentences that appears
  4. Take a photo of your drawing
  5. Post the photo on our ImaginWOW global sharing network


Features & Settings

Spin & Spark Technology

Once you click the GO! button, our Spin & Spark technology takes over to deliver an exciting and surprising experience. Much like a slot machine, word choices are shuffled through and chosen randomly to provide the fun, silly sentences on demand.


There is a timer option to give you and others more of “game feel”. Of course, you can turn off the timer and just use the generated sentences as a creative spark while you take your time with the result.


ImaginWOW is currently available in 8 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Norwegian, Italian and Japanese. A great way to practice foreign languages and have fun!

ImaginWOW in Action


For Parents

Coppa Compliant

We strictly adhere to the child online protection guidelines – COPPA Website

Child Safe Environment

We have removed comments to eliminate online bullying.

Reduce Screen Time

An app to reduce screen time? Yes! Put down your phone and draw!

Improve Fine Motor Skills

Early and often drawing has been found to improve children’s fine motor skills.

Learn Vocabulary

Expose children to new words while they draw to reenforce their meaning.

Advertising Free

No ads means non-stop creativity!

Exposure To Other Languages

The app offers 8 languages that you can easily switch between.

Create in the Real-World

Make real, tangible artwork with friends and family.

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